loire plastic 514 brFounded in 1968, Loire Plastic Industrie is a company from the AXIUM group which has been specialized for 50 years in designing and production of injected plastic packaging.

To continue its development, a second unit of production, Lapac integrated the Group end of 2016.

Loire Plastic is active in several sectors: personal care/perfumes (23%), food (36%), leisure/miscellaneous (33%) and parapharmacy (8%).
It proposes adapted solutions to its customers:
• Standard range: lids, caps, boxes, pill boxes… that we can customize
• Developing specific products according the customer’s specifications and design




 Carte LPI

Thanks to its complementarity with its sister companies Acti Pack and KKT GmbH, which product pots and bottles in Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), we can sell a global packaging solution (pot + lid or bottle + cap) in specific or standard.